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Gatling (Band)

2007-11-19 19:15:19 by Element

Me and Frenzy formed a new band:


check out some of our stuff here and here
We have written some crazy songs, and have an almost complete album in the works, we might try to get it somewhere, and if the songs can fit on the audio portal, i might put them on if i have time.

but yeah, it might be a dual disc to, and the first album is an hour.

coming soon!

Check our shit out. bye.

The War (Part 5)/The Prequels

2007-09-07 23:16:37 by Element

hey guys, i'm working on the 5th part to the war. and im working on a prequel series, depicting my characters, but younger. hopefully i get them out soon.

a list of shock sites.

2007-09-07 23:15:41 by Element


the end.

I skin young schoolchildren.

Since there isnt a favorite music section....

2007-09-06 20:29:18 by Element

3 Inches of Blood
In Flames
All That Remains
Sonic Syndicate
A Static Lullaby
From First To Last
Black Label Society
The Marble Index
Children of Bodom
Bullet For My Valentine
Hunter Valentine
Black Sabbath
Protest the Hero
Our Lady Peace
Bad Religion
Alkaline Trio
The Black Crowes
King Crimson
Assorted Jelly Beans
New Found Glory
As Blood Runs Black
As I Lay Dying
No Use For A Name
No More Kings
Orange Goblin
Avenged Sevenfold
The Sonic Syndicate
The Reaper Of Hate
Joy Ride
30 Seconds to Mars
Killswitch Engage
Rise Against
Streetlight Manifesto
Foo Fighters
The Fall of Troy
Billy Talent
Escape the Fate
Death From Above 1979
NOT Linkin Park

You probably don't give a shit ;>
The End.


2007-08-29 15:53:55 by Element

lol i have a scroll bar now. for flashes

The War Part 3

2007-08-19 18:12:13 by Element

its out! enjoy! :)


The History of Kronzo Productions.

2007-08-17 19:23:18 by Element

Hey guys, its time for another history post. this time about the group. the earlier history is hazy though.

Early Days
A long time ago, Kronzo Productions was just me. i was a mediocre website designer. i made a step in the right direction eventually though. i was surfin the net when..

The Discovery
I was surfing Download.com one time, and i stumbled upon the flash program section. i found the program with the highest quality rating. Koolmoves. i downloaded the demo and started making real amateur flash. i eventually asked and received the full version for my birthday, now i was in the business.
The Attempts
I made two attempts in one week at a newgrounds submition. I sadly failed both times, i was disgruntled. but by now Moo23 and Tail3736 have come on board and i wasnt alone. i decided not to submit for awhile to improve my skills. Frenzy, shortly after my attempts, made an effort and submitted two men and a cinderblock, this flash was humorous, but blammed for low quality, it was also followed by another flash he made, its title escapes me right now.

The Kronzo Characters
I always had these guys in the works, they were only really featured in the "My Creations" series. i started to feature them in an actual flash called "The War"

The First Victory
Frenzy, a good friend of mine, eventually hopped on board making us a four member group, he made an improved version of his old quiz game, and it passed with a fairly decent score. Frenzy was ecstatic. I reallly wanted to submit. but i just didnt think i had anything good at the time.

The Second Victory
Frenzy submitted a Napoleon soundboard, and shortly after that, Blueblobclock joined Kronzo Productions back when his username was HutZ. He submitted a different napoleon soundboard. it passed, he was thrilled. i was begining to be annoyed.

My Victory
Finally, after some serious thought and hard work, i used my characters i made in flashes and made profiles for them in a unique fashion (My Creations). it barely passed. but i was happy, I followed it up with (My Creations 2).

Now that the 3 of us figured out the ropes, we got more flashes passed the portal. Including my "Totally Random Quiz" and "Dual Soundboard". Frenzy's "Simpsons Soundboard. and Blueblobclock's "Strawberry's Dictionary" Seires.

The First "Flash" Flash
Luckily, i got the first flash that wasnt a quiz/soundboard passed, kronzo united #1.

Frenzy's Hyperactive advancement
Frenzy began submitting flashes at an extreme rate, by now, i havnt even taken the time to view every single one, but i have viewed a fair number of them. anyways, he pretty much had an extreme number of flashes. I humbly continued.....

My Movement
After a brief break when i submitted my two flashes, i followed them up with a My Creations 3,4,5, and much later, 6. collaborating with frenzy. and i made Totally random quiz 2 and totally random quiz 3 by myself. kronzo_h and punkrockrulez and chopstickclock all came on board. we were growing.

The Hiatus
practically all of kronzo productions left newgrounds. i guess we got sick of making flash. i visited newgrounds occaisionally just to watch movies/play games. but i never had any projects in the works

The Return
I Returned to newgrounds submitting, with three new, and completely different flashes.
My Longest Work Yet, Mario Goes Crazy: Deluxe, and The Rebel Mages, they all passed.

Clock Day
I Usually, never submitted on clockday, but on clockday 2007, i made two flashes. and flashes were made by Moo23, Tail3736, and Frenzy. Blueblobclock kind of went into hiatus by now. and the next day, me, moo, and tail made a collab titled "I MIssed clockday"

If you liked this. you should see the history of my flashes for my commentary on each of them


History of My Flash (Vol. 1)

2007-08-15 22:36:43 by Element

i saw Frenzy do something like this, so i feel like doing it too. :P

Warning: May Contain Spoilers.

I have made ALOT of unsubmitted/blammed flashes in the past/present. i will do my best to put them in order

Your Death!:
my first attempt. i didnt know how to copy frames, so i just thought i had to keep redrawing my characters. so all i animated was two stick men. one just said "What do you want", and the other one said "YOUR DEATH". and i finally figured out frame copies. and i scrapped the project.

Blob Wars:
well, TECHNICALLY, my first full flash was before i discovered newgrounds, called "Blob Wars"
where a bunch of circles duke it out by firing tiny red dots at eachother. it was fun to make.

the second genration wars:
I made many flash movies like this. instead of blobs, i moved on to madness-like characters, they were not exactly similar because their faces were completely blank. these flashes had some potential, but were definately better than blob wars. After this, i bought the full version, and started off with...

Random Fight Scene 1 and 2:
after i bought the full version i finally drew a charcter based on basic shapes, with brown hair, named Seth, and in the two flashes i made it featured him and his younger brother (Kesh) fighting his shadow version, the second was never finished. Shadow-Seth eventually was cut from the movies. These Movies were never submited. but they were pretty good for early flashes.

Songs Used: Slipknot - Before I Forget
The Progidy - Breathe

"Music Video":
This was a silly, but slightly decent, flash i made back in grade 5 or 6 about a madness guy who skateboarded, smoked, and shopped at Claire's, i never submitted it, but it might still be on my old website. The song was "Good Riddance" by Greenday. I personally thought this was better than "Wicked Madness"

Wicked Madness:
This was the second flash i submitted to NG the first i forgot what it was called and it got deleted off my computer. Wicked Madness, was loosely based around Micheal Jackson humor, it was a very immature flash. which featured a Madness guy breaking a tv, and in another skit, A madness guy running away from Micheal jackson. This movie was blammed. This was definately my worst flash i put effort into.

I ended up making another flash using people based on basic shapes. but i created two new characters: Floyd and Tony. who were practicing their combat skills. when a mysterious figure challenges them both. defeats Tony, and then is defeated by Floyd by a fluke. This flash was not as good as the random fight scenes though.

This was episode 1 of a series i never continued and didnt have a title. the file name was just "Slasher.fun" . anyways, this introduced more characters. Moo23 created "Ryu" and Tail3736 created "Slasher" who who training against eachother. Floyd comes and warns them about Monarch's return, Monarch is an evil character. Ryu escapes in time and warns to more new characters Shrapnel and Redge (i am not referring to THE shrapnel). Shrapnel wants to fight Ryu, so they fight. and Ryu manages a bare win. Shrapnel and Redge go with Ryu. Meanwhile, Slasher and Floyd are caught and imprisoned by Monarch. they break out and fight Monarch. Monarch beats Floyd, but then Slasher pretty much turns into a strange shadow form and beats Monarch. Ryu's group arrives and gets attacked by Slasher in his maniacal form, then it ends.

Madness Vs. The Cast:
Just a random flash of Shrapnel beating up a Madness guy and then being attacked by a hobo-like character.

School Ep. 1:
An Earlier flash depicting the characters as kids, i never finished this.

The Show:
This featured a Madness guy in a badly drawn hat and a west 49 shirt rant about slipknot and later get pelted by tomatoes. it was a pretty bad flash.

School Ep. 2:
A fairly good flash about a mosquito that enters the school and all of the characters try and kill it, sadly, Flash had an Error and needed to close.

Shrapnel pretends to be a spy. early flash. never submitted. never finished

School Ep. 3:
This was the first "School" Flash submitted to NG. along with being the first of many collabs made by me and Frenzy. it Depicts Seth, Frenzy and Rusty all going to school and finding out they are the only ones there, Rusty explodes and the other two start running away from these zombie like creatures that kept chanting "Une Solution" they both hopped on a gray rectangle labled "Midget O Matic 3000" they realized it wasnt a plane, and they crashed. it got blammed. :'(

A Flash where a bunch of characters fight madness guys sync'd to the song "Bat Country" by Avenged Sevenfold.

This was a animation i made for mother's day.

The Infiltration Series:
This was a flash i made where the cast invades a millitary complex and tries to thwart monarch, and how they all slowly get jailed. I made part 1 and 2, but never continued. and i don't plan on it.

"The Band":
This was a flash i made for fun. it was seth, frenzy, ryu, slasher, and another dude playing "Sunday Night Beatdown" by detroitpunx, the guitars wern't that well drawn, so i didnt submit. I also made another based on an Ateryu song, but my flash program glitched :(.

OMFG Fight:
The only significance about this flash is that it introduces Banzai, a small, hyper, and slightly demented character who fights madness guys, along with Shrapnel, Frenzy, Ryu, Orangeclock, Mike, Slasher, and BlackorbClock

Yes, i made my own rendition of B, it got blammed :(

Grid Demo:
A Test to see whether it would be cool if my characters fought on grids like the sprites from the TTA series, It was somewhat decent, but i never submitted it.

My attempt at an animutation

Stupid Fantasy/Ack:
This was a parody of Final Fantasy, it had going graphics, but poor animation. thats why i didnt submit it.

The Directors Cut:
Kronzo Productions filiming a movie about ryu.

My Creations 1-2:
These were two flashes i made that had fairly good menu's. at first i didnt plan on submitting them, I only made them to "Organize" the characters, because i was starting to have alot of them. but Frenzy said I should submit them. so i did, the first on barely passed, and the second one did okay. "My Creations" does not seem to be a very well-liked series, but i still make them if i decide to make more characters.

The Dual Soundboard:
This was originally going to be a Napoleon soundboard, but i decide to add another soundboard that was based on random sounds i had in my documents to make the flash better. at one point, this was my best submission. I don't make many soundboards now though.

Totally Random Quiz:
The Totally Random Quiz series was and still is fun to make. The first one i made is still one of my most popular submissions (Most Views, maybe). The quiz pretty much asks u completely random questions. good way to test your all around knowledge.

Totally Random Quiz 2:
Personally, i think this was one of my weakest efforts, definately the weakest of the totally random quizzes though. This one had a few more questions about SBC. While being a weaker flash, i still thought it had a good main menu.

My Creations (3-5):
All three of these submissions were collaborations made by Me and Frenzy, The characters we made were not used until fairly recent submissions such as The War Series and "Enter Mike".

Kronzo United #1:
These flashes were fun to make. they were often reviewed about being extremely weird/random. Pataran is gay.

Kronzo United #2:
This flash was awfully similar to the first one. This one was an improvement IMO. but it always glitches at the mr. burns scene and freezes, so you can't see the rest. sorry :(.

Are You Religious?:
This was a flash made by me and Kronzo_H, it was based on extreme christianity, and it ensued hillarity in the reviews. If you are really religious, you might not like it, although its not meant to offend anyone. cuz its just stupid. lol.

Element Vs. SBC:
This was a flash i made where SBC meets Element but asks for him to stop putting him in his flash. they then start to battle, and they both get eaten by the dirt eaters. this flash got blammed.

jotyh,frmpohvgk9pujpxf9 (Also known as "The Gibberish Flash"):
I am a big BBQBeefBurgerMan fan, i tried to make a flash like some of his Bar scenes. It is a decent flash for one of mine. but it is nothing compared to him. It wasnt that much of a sucess.

ROFL - The Movie:
This was a collab by me and Blueblobclock. it had four random skits in it, featuring some SBC. it is a pretty good flash.

Warning!: Extremely Dumb, badly animated, loud, and annoying.:
This flash never ends, i am still working on it. it features randomness at its worst.

Sprite Demo:
I got into sprites one time, and decided to make a short flash with them, just doing random stuff. it was pretty sucsessful for my first sprite flash, but i didnt submit it, cuz it wasnt THAT good, with a lime green background and all. just recently, i learned how to make transparent backgrounds. so i might continue with some sprite movies.

Totally Random Quiz 3:
This Quiz was always sort of my second priorty in flash, i was always to busy with other projects to continue it. but i finally finished it. and i think its the strongest of all of my quizzes, and one of my best ng submissions. I personally think the totally random quizzes gave me some fame.


My Longest Work Yet:
I have quite an explanation behind this movie. a long time ago, me and frenzy were planning on making a messsed up version of Napoleon Dynamite with flash, this was when i wasn't really that good yet, so i started making it. and then gave up and started adding random shit to it. i then saved it and locked it away for a LONG time. After awhile, i sort of stopped flashing and did other stuff, but then i came back. and i wanted to submit something crappy. so i added a few extra skits to the flash and submitted it.

Mario Goes Crazy: Deluxe:
A picture of a nintendo character flying around and making random noises was always a joke among Kronzo Productions, it was usually in our extras in our movies. so i decided to make an entire submission based on it. it contains around ten different things of it. and a create your own thing, that was like a soundboard. after all my current flash projects are done, i plan on doing a sonic version :).

The Rebel Mages:
After submitting only low-quality flash in 2007, i decided to make an effort. I made a flash with wizards that had alot of gay/sexual jokes in it. I lol'd.

The War (Part 1):
This is one of the first real big flashes featuring the characters, it sets everything into scene, the "sides" and everything.

The War (Part 2):
In this episode, i kill off some characters, its hard to explain, you will have to watch it yourself.

Enter Mike:
This was a flash made by frenzy using characters drawn by me in a non-canonical flash where Mike is sentenced to death for treason. He was caught giving Monarch vital information for money.

Clock Potter:
My Clockday Submission This was a mix between Clocks and Harry potter, where harry potter clock pretty much flies through his life time at super speed. its extremely random. Voldemort is a gray, more menacing angry faic.

ClockDay '07 Soundboard:
This is my second soundboard and clockday submission. In a way, it is kind of a companion to clock potter. I just took alot of Speakonia files i had and put them into a soundboard. It got a pretty good score. but i guess thats what happens on clockday.

Kronzo United S.E.:
Finally, after a lot of HARD, tedious work. (the day after clockday) me, moo23, and tail3736 put our BEST efforts into a special edition of kronzo united, we missed clock day.

The War (Part 3):
This is part 3 to the war. this is more a "transistion flash" to go into part 4. there are some deaths of minor characters though

The War (Part 4):
This Episode is more action packed and is argueably my best submission. There is a four on four fight. Shrapnel, Photon, Mike, and Ace Vs. Plasma, Greevil, Cylinder, and Zero-G. Photon Dies in this episode.

Has Frenzy Betrayed Us?!?!:
This was a joke flash i made that depicted Element dreaming about Frenzy killing everyone in kronzo productions. this was fun to make. but some of the subtitles went of screen because the flash originally had a wider screen. i uploaded a better version of it though were you could read all of the subtitles. Suprisingly, this flash passed.

Kronzo Fight Sessions #1:
This was the first flash in a series where all of the characters compete in a tournament. this one feautres Ace and Strikz fighting. it seems like Strikz has the upper hand in the first half. but Ace gets a vital hit on him and wins the match. which allows him to advance. This series is being continued.

Complete Anarchy:
This is a game featuring the kronzo characters that is in the works. I am currently working on the war, so this game has kind of been put aside for later.

I THINK thats it.
by for now!



2007-08-15 21:10:38 by Element

Happy Clock Day!